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Description: Why let your steak or burger sit in a pool of hot grease when it can run right off the grill? The George Foreman Grill cooks up to 4 extra-large burgers, 4 plump chicken breasts, and 2 juicy steaks in minutes. Plus, you can make great fajitas, burritos, or taco fillings for the whole family.

Reviews (84):

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       05-21-2001
I found the Foreman Champ Grill to be a real disappointment. I liked the size and design, but the grill does not perform well. The cooking surface is incredibly small but is large enough for a quick snack or for a family of two.
The bun warmer is a total failure and the parts were cheaply made. The latch & the lid are both flimsy.
The spatula is totally useless & is small & odd shaped. The instructions are to use it to remove all food from the grill plates, but the shape & flatness of the spatula makes that difficult.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-19-2001
This grill has some positives & some negatives. It does cook out a lot of the fat & it is easy to clean. It also cooks quickly. A big minus is that is that it is too SMALL. I couldn't even cook 2 hamburger patties on it. It needs venting and I can only suggest using it if you have no other way to grill.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       05-27-2002
I've been quite pleased with this grill. I have cooked several different meals on it--burgers, salmon steaks, chicken, porkchops. I usually add some vegetables as well. The results have been absolutely delicious. The best part is when I see the grease and fat dripping off, and realize the food will still be nice and tasty.
I learned from experience that you should not put sauces on until the meat or fish is halfway through cooking. You should also add the vegetables halfway through cooking so they don't shrivel up. I love that it is so easy to use, & I love the delicious, healthy, quick meals I can make. Another plus is that it takes up very little space on my counter. It has one defect which is that it does not have an on off switch. For a single person looking to eat healthy, I would highly recommend this item.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       02-09-2003
I really like this George Foreman Grill. I have cooked hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts, vegetables and many other things with no problem. My favorite thing to make on this grill is grilled cheese sandwiches.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       02-09-2002
It really bothered me that this grill did not have an on-off switch. The only items that are worth cooking on this are hotdogs or hamburgers. Clean-up is no fun either. The grill cannot be submerged in water, and must be laboriously cleaned with soap and a sponge. I’ve cooked chicken, pork chops, and steak on the grill, and even for those usually easy to clean items, I had to struggle to get the grease off completely.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       12-13-2000
I love this grill! It is easy to clean. I just take a damp paper towel & wipe it a few times. I mostly cook steaks on it & they come out rare and juicy. I've cooked chicken patties and salmon with equally good results. It's harder to evenly cook meats containing large bones. I've also tried veggies with mixed results. When I cooked them in a sauce they browned too much.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       04-10-2002
The Forman grilling machine is small, yet versatile. It has a bun warmer so you can toast your buns while your food is cooking. It's really easy to clean & the food tastes great. If you want to reduce the fat that is in your daily diet, this machine is the ticket.

    George Foreman GR10AB
Reviewer: Anonymous       04-13-2003
If you have kids, this grill is a great help. You can cook hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, steak and much more. It only takes a few minutes to make an easy meal for your kids.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       12-09-2003
This appliance is extremely easy to use & it cooks your food quickly. Chicken breasts cook twice as quickly as on a stove & with no mess & they come out delicious and juicy. The clean-up is quick & easy. The cooking area is only big enough for one serving, but that is all I generally cook.
The only negative thing about this appliance is that it doesn't have a timer. You need to keep an eye on the food or it will burn.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-08-2000
My grill was a big disappointment. For grilled cheese and that type of sandwiches, it worked very well. But, so does a frying pan. For chicken, steak and pork, it certainly cooked the meat quickly, but I found the meat to be dry and tough. Clean-up is allegedly easy for this appliance, but I found it anything but. It took me about ten minutes to clean it after making a steak. If you know your way around the kitchen, in my opinion, it's not worth the money as it is fairly limited.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       12-09-2001
In my opinion this grill is over-rated. It works well on foods with a high fat content, like bacon or sausage. However with lean foods, such as chicken breasts, the grill makes it lose its flavor and appeal.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-09-2002
The problem I have with this grill is the small size. I couldn't even fit a thick burger on it. The top wouldn't close correctly. A steak would not fit on it either. I tried chicken, but it came out really dry.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-18-2000
I first tried to cook chicken, which came out tasting like rubber. Next I tried pork & had the same unfortunate results.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       12-17-2000
This is a great invention! Just plug it in and it heats up and is ready to cook in seconds. My favorite foods to cook are hamburgers and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. They are delicious, & clean-up is easy.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-19-2002
If you don't have an oven or BBQ, this grill might be a substitute, but if you do, you will quickly lose the attraction to this grilling machine.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Gril
Reviewer: Anonymous       09-09-2002
This grill is the best purchase of a kitchen appliance I have ever made. Even after cooking hamburgers, it is very easy & quick to clean. And the burgers are nice and firm on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside. It also makes great grilled cheese sandwiches.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       00-00-0000
So far I have not found anything that is improved by cooking on this device. It does not get hot enough to seal in the juices that make meat taste good. The food therefore tastes bland.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-30-2001
The food cooked on this grill turns out dry & chewy.
I found that cleaning it was difficult as well. This item is not worth the money.

    George Foreman GR10AB "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-05-2002
This grill is a piece of worthless junk! Grilling meat on this is a big mistake. The outside cooks much faster than the inside, so your food always tastes terrible.
Clean-up is really messy & time consuming. Don't buy this!

    George Foreman GGR62 Double Champion Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-05-2001
The grill heats up quickly and cooks quickly. It takes about 1/3 of the time it takes on the stove top. Clean up is easy. A wet sponge and the neat little scraper that comes with it, are the only things you need. The size of the cooking surface makes it great for a large family.

    George Foreman GGR62 Double Champion Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-21-2001
This grill heats quickly and is wonderful for making simple hot sandwiches. Cleaning it is really easy too.

    George Foreman GGR62 Double Champion Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-12-2001
Although a bit heavy, I love cooking on this grill. The grill surface is more than adequate, and it is easy to clean. It does take up a lot of counter space, and tends to slide around a bit, but I'm willing to live with that, since I can grill just about everything on it.

    George Foreman GGR62 Double Champion Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       02-09-2002
I love this grill! I was able to put 12 hamburger patties on this grill at once, it was so quick and convenient. I use it all the time now, indoors and outdoors, whenever I have the chance.

    George Foreman GGR62 Double Champion Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       02-07-2002
My main complaint about this grill, is that after about a year of regular use, the sprayed on finish starts to peel off. I've been very careful to handle it with care, but the non-stick surface is just not good enough.

    George Foreman GR36CB Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       04-28-2003
This is really great! I grill steak, chicken, fish & beef patties on this grill, and the taste is better than a BBQ grill and much more healthy. After I finish cooking, I just use warm water on a dish towel and wipe it clean and this does the clean-up job.

    George Foreman GR26CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-26-2004
This appliance is not going to replace your out door grill, but it makes it easier to get that grilled taste and flavor whenever you want it without the hassle of a regular grill. Plus it’s a whole lot warmer inside in the winter than it would be outside using your BBQ grill.

    George Foreman GR36CB Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       11-23-2003
I’ve grilled burgers and marinated chicken breasts on this grill. They do well, but you have to watch to make certain that they don’t get too crusty from the pressure. A lot of people might not have the space to store a grill this large. Or you might not have enough counterspace to accommodate it.

    George Foreman GR36CB Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-08-2004
If you like to cook and hate the mess afterward, the George Foreman Grill really will change what you consider fast food. It's worth its price!!

    George Foreman GR36CB Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-08-2004
This works great & is easy to clean!

    George Foreman GR36CB Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       09-20-2004
Although I love the way this cooks a variety of items, it does have 2 problems. The first is the difficulty of cleaning it. You can't take the surfaces out, which leaves you with a bulky, heavy appliance to hold over the sink and wash out, without getting excess water inside because it is not submersible. I find it inadequate to just wipe it clean with paper towels. The second problem is that you cannot get replacement parts for this grill. My overheat sensor blew so I needed to replace the whole grill.

    George Foreman GR36CB Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-14-2003
I find that for rainy days or winter, I get the same "outdoor" quality and excellent taste with this George Foreman grill model.

    George Foreman GR36CB Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       05-23-2003
I like this grill & would recommend it. Everything I've cooked on it has always come out good even though I think I still need to perfect the timing. My greatest disappointment is that it does not brown both sides at once (as advertised) and I have to flip over the item for browning the opposite side. Cleaning up is really easy. All you have to do is put a damp paper towel on the grill and shut the lid after you're done cooking.

    George Foreman GR26CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       07-09-2004
If you are short on time, this is a great investment. It needs only about three minutes for its grilling surfaces to reach an appropriate temperature. The grill is very efficient &, depending on what you're cooking, it takes only about three to ten minutes. Cleaning the grill is easy & quick.

    George Foreman GR26CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-02-2004
This isn't a grill; it's a meat crematorium. I've tried steaks, chicken, burgers, seafood, pork chops, you name it -- and all have come out dry and terrible. The only thing I cooked, that came out half way decent, was bacon. Cleaning it is a real hassle as well. I would not recommend this to anybody.

    George Foreman GR26CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       04-29-2004
Other than cooking hotdogs, this grill is not good for much else. Cleaning it is a major production! It's not worth the hassle.

    George Foreman GR26CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-10-2003
I love this grill. In 2-3 minutes you can have delicious hot dogs! With its neat little grilling surface, the grill channels fat juices away from the food and into tidy little drip trays. This grill is a very healthy way to cook.

    George Foreman GR26CB XL Indoor Gri
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-22-2003
This grill is easy to clean, and best to clean when it is hot. Then it just wipes clean with paper toweling. If you wait until it cools down, it will be more difficult to clean. It cooks your food fast too, which is great when you are in a hurry.

    George Foreman GR26CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       04-11-2003
This is a great grill! I have cooked New York steaks, chicken breast, hamburgers, fish and beef kabobs on it. We have 4 in our family, and the grill has just the right amount of space to cook for all of us.

    George Foreman GR26CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       11-29-2004
This grill is fabulous for making burgers in a hurry, especially for the diet conscious. I also found that I love the way it makes sausage patties and chicken breasts. Grilled vegetables are a snap to make too.

    George Foreman GR26CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       00-00-0000
Overall I was very disappointed. Clean-up took longer than the cooking process and it's really messy! After 2 meals, I'm sending it back.

    George Foreman GR35TMRCB Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       12-31-2003
In general, this grill is easy to use, fairly easy to clean and has health advantages.
Meat is not the only thing you can cook on this grill. You can grill fish and vegetables as well. At times, meats come off the grill too dry.

    George Foreman GR35TMRCB Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-03-2004
This is a great way to prepare food that is low fat & that comes out so delicious and juicy. When cooked the right amount of time, the meat does not come out dry. Cleaning the grill is the worst part though!

    George Foreman GRP99 Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       02-03-2005
This is a great improvement on the original "Champ" model. The temperature control and timer are very nice. However I think the most important innovation is the removable plates.

    George Foreman GR26SBTMR Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-17-2005
This kitchen appliance is a great time-saver. All types of meat taste great and clean up is simple. It makes cooking much easier.

    George Foreman GR10AW "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       12-27-2003
This is a wonderful appliance. In less than three minutes I had hot, fat free burgers ready to eat. I was somewhat disappointed, because the meat was too dry. However my family liked it this way. Cleaning the grill was pretty easy too.

    George Foreman GR10AW "The Champ" Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-27-2004
I love this grill. It drains a lot of fat from the meat, but since it sears both sides at once, the meat stays juicy and delicious.
The meat cooks quickly and efficiently & no turning is required.

    George Foreman GR38 Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-08-2004
The worst thing about this grill is the preheating feature. I have often come back to the grill to find it has now shut itself off and the grill is cool again. I then have to start all over again pre-heating it. Another problem is that it never sears the food quickly.

    George Foreman GR15 Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-30-2002
Although steak and hamburgers came out pretty well, my grilled cheese sandwiches tasted like rubber. Pork chops tasted dry, stringy and flavorless. I also found it very hard to clean.

    George Foreman GR15 Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       12-28-2002
If you are conscious about watching what you are eating, this grill is for you. Because it drains off the grease, the results are healthy eating. It is easy to use & easy to clean. I highly recommend this grill!

    George Foreman GR15 Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       10-07-2000
I love my grill I have used it at least twice a week since getting it. I have grilled chicken drumettes, salmon, rib eyes, pork chops and other things on it. The Hamburgers are the Best!

    George Foreman GR15 Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       10-10-2000
Sausages, hot dogs and hamburgers work very well on this grill. Sandwiches also work much better than on "sandwich makers."
I found that I could cook anything as long as it was about 1/2 inch thick. I would caution you to not cook items much thicker than that on this grill.

    George Foreman GR15 Indoor Gri
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-05-2004
If you cook small meals or just want to cut the fat, this grill is perfect for you. I love the simplicity of this machine. You just plug in the unit, wait one minute for it to warm up, throw on your food, and close the lid. It's amazing how much grease drains from a simple hamburger. I feel that I'm doing great things fro my health. Cleaning up is not much fun, but I'd say it's worth it.

    George Foreman GR15 Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       11-13-2000
Burgers and steaks come out a little less juicy because the fat is being drained away into the drip trays. But everything still comes out juicy, moist and tasty.
Grilled cheese and tuna melts come out great! French fries come out nice and crispy. It's great for breakfast foods like hash browns, sausage & bacon. Clean up is easy & quick. I love this grill!

    George Foreman GR15 Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-07-2001
My major complaint with this grill is the laborious clean-up procedure! The spatulas they provide are pretty useless in removing any food residue. I finally ended up using a warm, soapy wash rag. It still took much too long!

    George Foreman GR15 Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       02-21-2001
This grill is handy for those winter months or rainy days when outdoor grilling is too difficult.

    George Foreman GR15 Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-19-2003
I found this grill much too big in terms of taking up space both on the counter & in the cupboard. And what a nitemare to clean it! I also found that it seemed to steam the food instead of grilling it. I would definitely NOT recommend this grill.

    George Foreman GR15 Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       09-28-2000
I love the fact that I can complete a low fat dinner for four in 10 minutes. My food is tender and juicy. The grill is easy to use & easy to clean. Just make sure to clean it when it is still warm.

    George Foreman GR20CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       05-28-2002
This grill works OK on hamburgers or sausages, but it's awful for steaks. It steamed the meat, leaving it grayish brown on top and bottom. I had better luck with boneless chicken breasts & turkey cutlets. Both came out juicy & tasty.

    George Foreman GR20CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       02-08-2001
This is advertised to get rid of the fat. But unfortunately along with the fat, goes all the juices and flavors of the food. This is a bad investment!

    George Foreman GR20CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-03-2003
My experience with this grill was not positive. It burns fish and frozen meat, unless you stand there and unplug it every couple of minutes. It is horrible to clean & the non-stick coating is no longer there after a year of use. This grill is poorly designed, cheaply made & overpriced.

    George Foreman GR20CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-03-2001
On this great machine I grilled burgers, chicken, fish, fajitas, and even thick steaks--all in a matter of minutes. Because of the non-stick coated grilling plates, it is very easy to clean with just a damp sponge. Hamburgers came out really tasty & not at all greasy. If you are ready to change your eating habits and live a healthier lifestyle, I would recommend this grill.

    George Foreman GR20CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-27-2000
I do not like steamed meat! I also did not like the incredibly long amount of time needed to clean this thing.

    George Foreman GR20CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       07-31-2002
I am a meat lover & I believe that the George Foreman grill is the best kitchen purchase I have ever made. It saves a lot of time & I can have the mess cleaned up in less than 15 minutes. It is great for students and single people like me, who hate the idea of dirtying up lots of pots & pans to cook a simple meal.

    George Foreman GR20CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-05-2000
This is by far the best kitchen gadget I have ever purchased. I have made bacon, steaks, hamburgers, pork chops & veggies and they all turn out great! The food was not dry. It came out tender and juicy. The non-stick coating made clean-up really easy! Everything just wipes right off in a second!

    George Foreman GR20CB XL Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-28-2000
I have tried cooking hot dogs several times on this piece of junk. Each time the insides are cold & the outsides charred. I would prefer going outside, even in the dead of winter, & firing up the charcoal grill!

    George Foreman GR70 Infusion Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       05-22-2001
You can put the foods in the grill, meat and veggies side by side, and cook yourself a great little meal. Even in the middle of winter or during a rain storm you can B-B-Que right there in the Fusion Grill.

    George Foreman GR70 Infusion Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       10-03-2001
The grill is very quick and easy to clean up. It is also very compact and easy to store. All of the foods I have cooked have turned out perfectly!

    George Foreman GR70 Infusion Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-09-2000
I really like the fact that this grill is so compact and uses so little space. I love the way the food tastes & the clean-up is easy.

    George Foreman GR70 Infusion Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       09-06-2000
This grill produces excellent meals. It can cook just about any meat and vegetable perfectly to create mouth-watering dinners. The non-stick coating makes it a snap to clean. Meat and veggies taste more succulent and fresh, juicy and moist with this grill.
I can recommend this grill to anyone looking for an affordable, easy to use grill with little fuss and great results.

    George Foreman GR18 Supersized Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       02-12-2004
This grill is just an average grill. You can't expect it to make you skinny or change your life in any drastic way. I like the way it cooked my turkey burgers, but the bun warmer did not heat up the rolls at all. They were barely lukewarm. Clean-up was not a big deal.

    George Foreman GR18 Supersized Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-15-2004
This grill is quite versatile. I have cooked a variety of meats & vegetables on the grill. Cooking times are quick, food is more healthily prepared and it is easy to use. I am also impressed with how easy it is to clean. And the bottom line is that the food tastes delicious!

    George Foreman GR59 Baby George Rotisserie Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       05-17-2004
I tried cooking a 4 pound chicken on this & it failed miserably! It was advertised that you could cook a 5 pounder on this. I had to adjust the bird numerous times so it did not hit the hearting element. The legs burned & in general it was a major hassle!

    George Foreman GR59 Baby George Rotisserie Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       02-10-2005
I cooked a 3 pound chicken on this. It was very moist on the inside and had a wonderful flavor! It was just as good as any rotisserie chicken that I had ever purchased at the store. Clean-up was easy. It was much better than cleaning a roasting pan.

    George Foreman GR59 Baby George Rotisserie Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-22-2004
This machine generally works well, but your chicken should be 3 pounds, not 5 as stated in the advertisement. Small pieces of fish and meat cooked well in the basket, but if you need big roasts, the bigger unit is advisable. I don't mind the cleanup. My biggest problem is with the spit--not all the foods want to stay on it, and removing it from the roaster is a bit difficult.

    George Foreman GR59 Baby George Rotisserie Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-03-2004
I really like this grill. The chicken is tender and juicy with that incredible skin that you only get from a rotisserie.

    George Foreman GR59 Baby George Rotisserie Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-04-2004
This grill does a great job. It produced the best chicken that I have ever tasted. It was moist and flavorful.

    George Foreman GR59 Baby George Rotisserie Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-25-2004
This machine did not work at all on my 4 pound chicken. I could not get it to turn properly. I've come to the conclusion that my roasting pan and rack do a lovely job in the same amount of time and are much easier to clean up.

    George Foreman GR59 Baby George Rotisserie Indoor Grill
Reviewer: Anonymous       07-23-2004
I can't say enough nice things about this machine. Everything I cook on it comes out great! I've cooked chicken, beef & pork roasts with great success.

    Quick and easy
Reviewer: Anonymous   Phoenix, AZ    12-01-2005
Our George Foreman grill was very easy to use and made preparing a hamburger easy, especially being in an apartment. The idea of indoor grilling sounds strange, but the grill barely takes up any space, is very safe compared to an outdoor grill or barbecue, and is much faster than a regular grill, too! I would highly recommend the George Foreman grill to anyone who eats meat often and lives in a smaller environment.

    I love this Grill
Reviewer: Nicki   Lumberton New Jersey    02-18-2006
I am a huge fan of George. In college I used this grill all the time. Its fast and easy. The food tastes great and it drains excess fat. You can't find that in any other grill

    The novelty wears off
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-07-2006
This is a good thing to have around if you are really going to keep using it (which of course you wont know unless you have one). Mine is too small to cook more than one thing on (or maybe two VERY small burgers) at once; that makes it inconvenient. And any small pieces (like if you tried to cook taco meat or something) would end up falling down into the fat on mine. But the food I have cooked on it turns out great. My advice--get one of the bigger sizes!

    For busy Moms on hockey practice nights
Reviewer: Anonymous   Ontario    03-14-2006
This grill is great for doing burgers, or chicken breast in a few minutes. For those nights when we have hockey practice, we can get a good meal in no time.

Reviewer: Anonymous       03-17-2006

    It works
Reviewer: Anonymous   Florida    08-31-2006
I like it. I've used it to cook hamburgers, sausage, chicken and steaks. It's a great tool to have when it's pouring outside and you planned on grilling.

Not exactly a pleasure to clean, but what is?

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