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Description: The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet is the exact same product advertised in countless magazines and the "secret" diet plan used by some of today's most famous actors.

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    Hollywood 48 Hour Diet is a Scam
Reviewer: Sam       09-28-2002
I was on the 48 HOUR Liquid Diet and stuck to it for 2 whole days.
I also drank the 8 glasses of water with the 4 oz of "magic" juice and
4 oz of water.
At the end of the diet , I lost 1 lb!!! I could have done better
eating vegetables.. ON the label it says each person might get
different results and may lose less than 10 pounds... These people are
con artists selling juices you can make at home for $20.00/bottle!

Reviewer: Donovan       09-28-2002
It's most unfortunate that people still get sucked into this scam, and that
the scammers are allowed to make blatantly fraudulent advertisements.

The simple fact is that a one-time caloric deficit of 3000-5000 calories --
2 days worth of food expenditure -- is only sufficient to burn 1.5lb fat at
best (5000/3500). Even this computation makes a number of generous assumptions:

(*) The reduction in calories will have no impact on the level of activity.
(*) The dieter is consuming close to 0 calories in that 48 hour interval.
(*) The reduction in calories will have no impact on resting metabolic rate.
(*) The fasting does not result in lean tissue depletion.

To extrapolate further that the weight loss is not temporary, one also must
assume that:

(*) The fast has no impact on what the dieter consumes after the fast.
(*) The dieters metabolic rate is the same after the fast as before.

Basically, it's impossible to lose a substantial amount of weight on a short
term fast. My guess is that the 10lb number probably stems from water loss.

    Lose 10pounds in 48 hours?
Reviewer: Donovan       01-05-2005
Supposedly with this diet you can lose up to 10 pounds in 48 hours. It is really just an expensive 48-hour juice fast that is not a good weight loss method.

    Felt Better
Reviewer: Heather       09-08-2004
I did try try the Hollywood Diet one weekend and
it was a major bitch but I truthfully felt better by detoxing my
system and I believe that this is a lot healthier than what some
people may do for the same effect (laxatives, just drinking water and
eating celery) so if you fall into that group....go for it. Will I do
it again? It might be a once a year thing but yeah, I'll do it again.
But the water weight comes right back so don't look for any miracles.
Its great if you want to cut up to wear a bathing suit and want to get
rid of that water weight to really show off your muscles? But if
you're trying to lose 10lbs or more? Don't waste your time, there are
plenty of good messages here that will tell you, exercise and eating
right are the only way to lose weight and its going to be a long term
deal, there are no shortcuts!!

    It's a Detox Program
Reviewer: Waskly       09-12-2001
Well, it is a detox program and makes you shed water weight and loosen
your bowels. I imagine if you are obese your bowels could be quite
empacted and fat holds water so I could see a very obese person losing
10 lbs or more. But the normal Joe on the street? Hell no, its not
going to do that for you. I've done does make you feel
better? But I think a weekend of no sugars, fats and stuff like that
followed by water and salads with a few protein drinks would probably
do the same for you.

    Like a Colonoscopy Prep?
Reviewer: Alec       07-15-2001
Hollywood 48 Hour diet is a brand name of a commercial quick loss
program which is mostly juice (their brand of juice) and water.
You lose a quick 5 to 10 pounds which is mostly water and some
body waste: Solids out but no solids in. You gain it all back in
a couple of days when you go off it. It is mostly for people who
want to drop just a few pounds for a special occasion (you know
like fitting into that designer dress to accept your Oscar). It
is somewhat similar to what they put you on for 2 days if you've
ever had the pleasure of a colonoscopy (did Katie Kuric mention

    This is a RIPOFF...please read.
Reviewer: Jeff       03-26-2004
Do not waste your money on this garbage. Before you do, take ten minutes
and read about juice and diets on the internet, using the search engine of
your choice. You can save ten to fifteen dollars by just drinking normal
fruit juices for two days and taking the same vitamins you usually do. The
couple drops of citrus-derived essential oils they put in the Hollywood
diet formula make no real contribution that you can't get drinking your
favorite fruit juices from the local grocery store. This diet supplement

     No Shortcut Diets
Reviewer: Det       03-26-2004
The only weight you lose on any type of liquid diet like this is water
weight... Unless you stay on it for awhile, then you'll lose muscle too.
There are NO shortcuts to weight loss and good health.

    This diet is just for a quick weight loss
Reviewer: Connie       03-26-2004
It is a liquid diet. You can mail order this. It is basically just
grapefruit juice to use for quick weight loss for special events or

     Forget about this crap!
Reviewer: Barbara       03-26-2004
Just start a diet and exercise program like normal
people, and forget all this crap.

    Doesn't help your willpower
Reviewer: Stuart       03-22-2004
I lost 3 lbs. on the Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet and it has stayed
off so far for a week.

I unfortunately lost my willpower after 36 hours and had a great sushi
dinner to break the fast.

I recommend fasting in this way to anyone who has never fasted. It is
a real learning experience.

     It worked for me
Reviewer: Mara       03-26-2004
I lost 3 pounds the first day. The next day I weighed myself and lost 5
pounds during the night. However, this is not a diet anyone could stay on forever.

     I bought the bottle
Reviewer: Natalie       03-26-2004
I am very skeptical about this diet plan and I am still negotiating on whether to actually begin or not. Hopefully I will build up enough courage to start it next weekend.

    Ok, i finally started the diet
Reviewer: Jenny       01-05-2005
Well, I'm nearing the end of my first day on it. So far, no weight
loss! However, I have had a ton of water, much more than I normally
do, so some of that weight may shed itself later.

    I'll be very fair
Reviewer: Cybil       03-21-2004
Well let's be fair here.

The purpose of the Hollywood Celebrity diet is to lose a few
pounds for a big event and, of course, it works best if you're
already a size 6! They even say in the ads that it's a quick
fix for a special occasion. It isn't meant to actually help
people lose weight long term. It's just supposed to help you
slink into that evening gown for the Oscars!

I've done my own limited juice fast occassionally and I think
it's really pretty good for the body in general. I have a
normal breakfast and then nothing but juice and/or water until
the next morning. It works best if you have a **really** busy
day ahead of you (and go to bed early!).

I usually lose a couple of pounds (and it doesn't always come
back either). I'm stuck on a plateau right now and I'm thinking
about trying it again - just to shake my system up.

So no... if you weigh 250 and want to lose 70 pounds the
Hollywood Diet is *not* for you. But if you have a special date
and just *have* to get into those black jeans (that are really
about a half a size too small) then yes, it *will* work - short
term. And I don't think it will do your body and harm either
(used *occassionally*)

    Hollywood diet works for me
Reviewer: Ed       03-10-2004
I lost 10 pounds in a little over 2 days, and have kept
it off + I've been losing about 1 pound per day. I have gone form 287 pounds
on Feb 20th, to 269 Pounds Today (March 2nd). Thats 18 Pounds in a little over
a week. Anyway if any of you want to try it, I say go for it.

    Chop off your head?
Reviewer: Misty   Southern California    02-28-1999
I wonder which body part is being surgically removed. I know they say a quick
way to lose 10 pounds is to chop off your head, but I think I've heard from
others that that method has life-threatening consequences...(but don't quote
me on that)...

    I was told I'd lose 10 pounds on this "Miracle" Diet
Reviewer: Jo       03-26-2003
I lost weight & was able to stop the binge I was on. It accomplished losing weight quickly and getting rid of the desire to binge. So I would say that it worked for me.

    Is 10 pounds in 48 hours really possible?
Reviewer: Tara   Arkansas    07-26-2000
This "Miracle Diet" is actually that-- a miracle! It really works!

    No food for HOW LONG?
Reviewer: Katie       04-23-2001
You are wasting money if you buy this product. You are only losing excess water & you will be really hungry the whole time!

    We'll do ANYTHING for beauty!
Reviewer: Anonymous       09-27-2002
Although this is just a quick fix and is quite difficult to complete, I think it was good for me. The first day was much easier than the second, during which I felt weak. I lost a total of 7 pounds.

    It Worked For Me
Reviewer: Kissikins       04-09-2001
I lost a total of 6 pounds even though I did not follow the plan strictly. I cheated & had some food, some diet coke & some beer. I also smoked, which is against the rules. I liked the taste of the juice & was glad to have lost a few pounds so quickly.

    Lost 4 pounds in 39 hours
Reviewer: MsHooterville       08-02-2000
This diet is good for you if your goal is to fit into a special, smaller size outfit.
Generally I felt good & had good energy. I probably didn't drop more weight because I did not have much to lose.

    Drink Water Instead!
Reviewer: Anonymous   Kingsley, Mi    07-26-2000
This diet works like any starvation diet. By drinking water for 2 days you could get the same results.

    No Miracle
Reviewer: Anonymous   Canada    07-18-2001
This is a money-making scheme that is no "miracle" at all. If you follow this plan you will feel starved, cheated & just as big as you were before.

    Don't try this!
Reviewer: Anonymous       04-12-2001
I tried this with 2 friends & we all had an awful time. We all experienced nausea, diarhea & stomach cramps & quickly regained the 2 pounds we each lost.

    I gained back more!
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-14-2001
I was hungry & sleepy throughout the 2 days. Although I lost 9.5 pounds,I ended up gaining it back immediately plus more.
You are actually losing only excess water and lean muscle mass. You are not losing any fat. I would not recommend this product to anybody.

    This diet works but is only a quick fix
Reviewer: Anonymous       07-12-2001
The information suggests you use this diet once a week. NOT! I'll take my weight loss slow and lasting.

    A Great Catalyst
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-13-2001
This diet is easy, affordable, tasty and it worked. The stuff tastes good & you don't get bloated or feel drained. It's not that the diet is a miracle, but it is a great catalyst to a healthier life style.

    Lots of problems but worked as a detox
Reviewer: Anonymous       07-28-2000
This product caused me to have a migraine, no energy, stomach pains, & feel weak, dizzy & nauseous. The one good thing is that it does work as a detox to clean your body.

    Instant Dehydration
Reviewer: Anonymous       05-21-2002
Someone is making big bucks off a scam of instant dehydration liquid which once again, makes people want to be like the air-brushed models in magazines. Why haven't we learned? Fasting and liquid diets don't work! To stay healthy one must exercise & eat balanced meals. That's the only real way to lose weight.

    Needed a Jump Start
Reviewer: Anonymous       09-07-2002
I am a person who is overweight & have lost 40 pounds on Jenny Craig. However recently I hit a plateau & needed to try something drastic.
The first night I had "cotton mouth." The second day I had a headache & felt nauseous. I ended up losing 4.5 pounds but I think it is water weight & not worth it.

    I can survive
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-17-2002
The only thing I learned from this diet is that I can eat very little during a short period & survive. I now feel more ready to lose weight the healthy way.

    Invest in Exercise Equipment Instead
Reviewer: Anonymous       07-31-2002
I only lasted until dinner time the first day. It would be better to invest in some exercise equipment!

    A body detox
Reviewer: Anonymous       05-20-2003
If you are looking to rid the toxins and impurities from your body, I would recommend this diet. I have lost a total of 4 pounds even though I cheated. I felt dizzy at times, slightly fatigued, and had the tendency to sleep a lot during the 2 days.

    Forget it!
Reviewer: Anonymous       12-24-2001
If you have a sore throat don't drink this. I did and the citrus in the juice gave me 3rd degree acid throat burns. I wouldn't recommend doing this diet because it was 10X worse than when I normally fast.
This was the most difficult diet I've ever been on & I did not lose any weight.

    Need strong willpower
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-13-2002
This diet requires really strong willpower because you cannot have any solid food for 2 whole days. I always felt deprived & wanted something to munch on. It was really hard being around people who were eating.
I don't have a scale, but other people commented that they thought I looked thinner after the 2 days.

    Will do this once a month
Reviewer: Anonymous       00-00-0000
If you're someone who is just plain frustrated at the old less-calories-in-more-calories-out diet and need a little extra help, this might be your thing. I lost 8 pounds. I plan on doing this once a month just to ease all those nasties out of my system that plagued me on the first day.

    8 lbs in 2 days
Reviewer: Anonymous       07-12-2001
After reading both the recommendations and the not recommending, I decided to try it. I made it through the 2 days. Was a little hungry the first day, but day 2 either I was too busy to concentrate on the fact that I was not eating or my hunger pains went away, but I did not even finish my juice the second day. I lost 8lbs over the 2 days. I plan to do this 1 to 2 times a month in conjunction with my WW program.

    Lost fat around middle
Reviewer: Anonymous       02-16-2001
I decided to try the Hollywood diet because I think I could spare to lose a few pounds of fat around the abdominal region.
The main thing that pleased me about the Hollywood diet, is that I was able to lose 1 or 2 pounds of pure fat in 2 days, which is much more than I could have lost in two days of normal dieting.

    Diet helped me change my eating habits
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-27-2001
I was STARVING by the evenings but in the mornings woke up feeling pretty good.
I did small amounts of exercise on this program, 15 minutes the first night and 30 the second and I am sure that helped me. I lost 12 lbs in 2 days even though I ate small amounts of food on both days in the evening. This diet made me feel good not only because I got the results I wanted, but because I had the will power to do it. It made me realize how little food I could consume to keep myself going. I plan to change my eating habits drastically as a result of this diet.

    A Miserable Experience
Reviewer: Anonymous       07-27-2001
The one positive side of this diet is that it made me very thankful that I have the option of eating in this world. It was such a miserable experience that I gained a whole new appreciation for food in any form. What's missing from this diet is an appetite suppressant. Be warned, if you have low blood sugar, skip this diet!

    It's about Willpower
Reviewer: Anonymous       08-01-2001
Willpower is the key to this diet. While it was hard, I did lose some inches but only one pound. I was planning a trip to the beach & I did look better in my swim suit.

    Pros & Cons
Reviewer: Anonymous       10-25-2000
With this diet I lost weight, my skin cleared up & I felt better about myself. However you would have the same effects by taking supplements and drinking water instead of wasting your money on this product.

    Desperate to lose weight
Reviewer: Anonymous       04-17-2001
After having my second son, I felt desperate to lose the added weight. I tried everything but nothing worked.
With this diet I lost 7 pounds but was hungry the whole time. I think that anyone can use either the Hollywood Miracle Diet, Slim-Fast, Atkins Diet, or any other diet shake for 48 hours with 64 ounces of water a day, and an occasional fruit or vegetable, your normal work out routine, and it will produce the same results.

    3 days before prom
Reviewer: Anonymous       06-06-2002
I stuck to this & looked great in my prom dress! if you stick this out you will be pleased!

    A waste of money
Reviewer: Anonymous       01-21-2002
I felt good at first. Towards noon time I felt really sick, had a massive headache & I was really grouchy and depressed. By the end of the day I felt even worse knowing that I had to do the same thing the next day. The second day wasn't as hard, but I still got a slight headache and was still moody. I ended up losing a total of about 4 pounds. I definitely wouldn't do this again. It is a waste of your money.

    Not Worth the Trouble
Reviewer: Anonymous       03-09-2001
Although I lost 5 pounds with this diet, I gained them right back. The drink is barely edible, gives you stomach pains & tastes like a bad, watered-down version of Tang. Unless you are a masochist, I would avoid this diet at all costs.

    What a FLOP!!
Reviewer: Donna   Colorado    12-01-2005
1) Its not worth the money that you spend on it.
2) If you want to clean out your system, just get more fiber or try a stool softener.
3) It will make you lose a couple pounds, not 10, and its just because your system empties itself, and you can get the same results from taking a laxative or fiber...

    Been doing this juice fast for years
Reviewer: Donna       01-04-2008
I really like it. I just wonder why I don't do it more often. The first time I used it, was the worse but that was because I was really detoxifying and needed it. It has been more gentle since and I usually lose 3 lbs the first day. I don't usually lose on the 2nd day so I don't do it. I wait for a few days. Stays off for awhile but if I overeat comes back which I usually do. I'm not hungry and have bites of food throughout the day. I'll keep using it everytime I get to my 10 lb overwieght limit. So I'd say it works for me

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